Innovative Solutions for Energy Transition

Licensing our Technology

Battery Consult AG develops and delivers solutions to customers’ requirements for electric energy storage, based on ideas, concepts and improvements all around the SaltBattery.

The objectives are:

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Reliability and
  3. Longevity

Battery Consult’s strategy of worldwide local licenced production enables cost-effective solutions to the economic benefit of the countries concerned.

SaltBattery Technology

  • Demonstrated safety
  • 100% recyclable
  • Materials abundant

SaltBattery storage capacity upwards from 7kWh

Storage System

The storage system comprises battery cells (20 to 350 cells in a battery box), a battery management system and an inverter, all in one unit.

Battery Cell Generations

1  ZEBRA 38Ah (see history page):

  • MES-DEA, starting 2000 (Fiamm since 2009)
  • General Electric, 2013 – 2015
  • Chaowei, starting 2018

2  STC 50Ah: Battery Consult for ITAIPU, 2016

3  Flat Plate Cell 25Ah: Battery Consult, 2017



Battery Box

The cells, stacked in a battery box, are connected to the BMS (Battery Management System, the brain of the battery). The BMS is a Battery Consult development, to be produced by a production partner.

The Inverter

The integrated inverter is the link between the solar panel, the battery and the grid so that it comprises the solar inverter, battery inverter and the grid inverter in one unit without spread-out installations. This matched unit was developed according to the latest state of the art in cooperation with a University, to be produced by an inverter-partner.

Laser weld of the hermetic seal of a SaltBattery cell

Lebensdauererweiterung SalzBatterie
Lebensdauererweiterung SalzBatterie

SaliOpt – AI Featured Energy Management

  • User specific configuration for different battery-chemistry, photovoltaic-forecast and geographic location
  • Selectable optimization targets such as energy-price, storage-system-lifetime or autonomy
  • Optimal mathematical decisions for charging/discharging the battery based on user preferences
  • Resource-saving code available for integration into inverters and many other embedded micro-controllers
  • Load-management by energy-price can be converted into optimal local decisions
  • Scalable from kWh to GWh

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