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The Salt Battery was invented in the 1980s and introduced under the name: ZEBRA Battery Technology.

In this type of batteries beta''-alumina is used as the electrolyte. This special Al2O3 ceramic is conductive
for Na
+ Ions and an isolation for electrons. Therefore it
is the perfect electrolyte and separator material for an electrochemical cell.

Salt (NaCl) is worldwide abundant and cheap. Therefore it is the perfect material for the negative electrode and gives the name of this Salt Battery cell.

Iron (Fe) and nickel (Ni) are worldwide and in large quantities available metals M and therefore best suited for the positive electrode of an electrochemical cell.

These are the main ingrediences of this Salt Battery electrochemical cell which uses the reaction:
beta''-alumina crystal structure
BATTERY CONSULT has developed a 50 Ah cell for
3 hour discharge rate.
ZEBRA 38 Ah, STC 50 Ah,
Flat Plate Cell 25 Ah
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